How different is a thermally efficient home?

Heating Performance Snapshot: Code Compliant Construction vs Thermally Efficient home. The first snow day of the 2015 winter season offered us a brilliant opportunity to gauge how warm our latest near-passive house really was after achieving an outstanding blower door test result the previous November. Although it was -3C and snowing hard outside, everyone inside was toasty […]

Where do I start when building a warm home?

The importance of working from the inside to the outside Bear in mind that you cannot ‘build your way out of bad design’ – so what materials do you need to consider at the design stage in order to build a strong, healthy and warm home? In the order of importance I encourage home-owners to […]

What building materials should I use?

How making informed decisions goes a long way if you want to build a sustainable home. It sometimes feels like new products are coming into the building market every day, promising solutions that are dryer, faster, cheaper and just plain better. For many experts in the building industry – whether they are passive house designers […]

Building a thermal home: Factors to consider about your new home site and position for the sun

Thermal homes: What to consider at design stage Building in Queenstown, and Wanaka, presents some additional considerations. Where enjoying the views and the sunshine make a huge difference to the functionality and aesthetics of a room, it’s therefore important when working with your architect or designer to identify and propose a design to take into account the site’s […]

Local Media Cover DCD Presentations at ONE Summit on Sustainable Practice sent Kerrie Waterworth to cover the ONE Summit Tiny Talks on Building Better in Wanaka. She explores the reasons why NZ needs to improve its residential construction and reports on the presentations given by DCD’s Dennis Dowling and Annabelle Numaguchi and Proclima’s Simon Gibbons. To read the full article, click on

DCD Sets Passive Home Benchmark

Setting the Standards Others Strive to Match Proud to be featured in the March 2015, Business South publication – DCD Sets Passive Home Benchmark. Find out more about passive home building here.

How to Build a Passive House

Dennis Dowling talks how to build a passive house with Matthew Cutler Welsh of Home Style Green. Matthew Cutler Welsh interviews Dennis Dowling, director of DCD, on the basic principles of building to Passive House level. “If you’re looking to build a healthy, energy efficient home, then you want to find a building company like […]