Building a thermal home: Factors to consider about your new home site and position for the sun

Thermal homes: What to consider at design stage

Building in Queenstown, and Wanaka, presents some additional considerations. Where enjoying the views and the sunshine make a huge difference to the functionality and aesthetics of a room, it’s therefore important when working with your architect or designer to identify and propose a design to take into account the site’s amenities.

At DCD we have worked with many new homes and design processes for thermal homes, and use this valuable experience to help our clients weigh up the varied options and considerations.

Below is a pictorial example of a recent project and the thought that went in behind the design.

Location Analysis
Site Analysis
Space Planning
Developed Space Planning
North living spaces – Evening Room South – Kitchen
Developed Plan
3D Forms
Sun Study
3D Further Sun Study
Excavation Study using Topographical Info