A home that will change your life

Every DCD home is one-of-a-kind; an exceptional example of thermal performance, beauty and lasting value.

Building a home of striking beauty, quality craftsmanship and high performance takes expert knowledge, an ability to understand what’s possible, and the capability to make it happen.

DCD is a building company with the passion, capability and vision to craft luxury homes of great value to people and the planet. It takes specialist knowledge and craftsmanship to deliver a home that has positive impact. For every DCD house build or renovation project, we consider not only the health of the homeowners for today but also the health of the planet for the future.

Expertly crafted and built for tomorrow.

Our People

Our team is a collection of professionals and artisan craftsmen. The expertise of our team is your peace of mind.

What we do

DCD is a specialist building company committed to building bespoke homes with high thermal performance, energy efficiency and lasting value.

The Build Process

DCD considers value at every stage of the design and build process to reward its occupants with an outstanding living environment for years and decades to come.

DCD focuses on building and developing homes that are practical, energy efficient, water efficient, cost effective and sustainable. Our focus is not just on building your home, but on creating an environment that supports your way of living with spaces that are uniquely yours.
DCD’s full service, turn-key approach to building is a proven model with our clients who place high value on making their building project as simple and straightforward as possible.
DCD handles all facets of the project from feasibility, site development and concept design to construction and certification.
DCD is a specialist in building bespoke thermally-efficient homes of lasting value and exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We recognise there is not a straight line to achieving your new build or renovation goals.
DCD will help you navigate the myriad of choices that are needed around construction type, materials, finishes and equipment. We will put options in front of you that match your brief and your budget.

Reputation counts for everything

Each DCD custom home is built with the same mission statement:

Craftsmanship without compromise. Integrity without exception.

We are committed to building homes that offer high performance and lasting value. That is our promise to you. In fact, DCD homes offer superior quality construction that far exceed New Zealand building codes in almost every way.

We consistently exceed our client’s expectations in both craftsmanship and energy efficiency. Hear what they have to say

Our expertise. Your peace of mind.