We build high performance homes


And we love what we do.

DCD goes further than any other home builder in Central Otago in design, building and the development of the perfect home living solution for every client’s unique project. We strive to set the benchmark for complete energy-efficient home solutions. This requires innovation and a willingness to challenge and change New Zealand housing for the better.


At DCD, using the term “innovative” isn’t a marketing platitude. It’s how we think about energy efficient building design and construction as a process of continuous improvement – it defines the way we solve problems and work with clients.

Not all homes are made equal. And not all home building companies in Queenstown are the same.

We’re unique for a number of reasons. Crucially, we’re the Basins’ only boutique builder solely focused on constructing thermally efficient homes – we empower our clients to make decisions that maximise the performance of their home without compromising personal style.

We’ve established ourselves as the thermally efficient home specialists, introducing new techniques and technologies to Queenstown and pioneering smarter ways of working with clients.


That’s our motto – it’s the DCD way of doing things, from concept to completion.

We Innovate

We scour the world for the latest developments to maximise natural warmth, tranquility and air quality and achieve a thermally efficient home that exceeds New Zealand’s industry standards.

We Collaborate

Our culture is based around a collaborative approach involving all members of the project team. We believe in open and frequent communication and are always available for personal meetings to discuss every aspect of your new home.

We Build

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we commit to excellence in everything we do. Building a DCD home means combining sustainable, durable building materials to create a more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home that lasts.

We Deliver

DCD is committed to exceptional results on time, on budget and to the highest standard. Our proactive, transparent and open book culture ensures we provide you with a great experience and an expertly crafted home that provides pure comfort and lasts generations.

Built to last: More than a catchphrase.

A home that is built to last delivers a significant reduction in time and financial resources spent on maintenance.

We have the best chance of achieving this if you engage DCD at the early stages of the project and we encourage you to get in touch at the very beginning of your planning stage. This is when you can draw on our considerable skills and collective experience to make informed decisions about costs, quality and performance.