DCD is a specialist building company. We are committed to building bespoke homes with high thermal performance, energy efficiency and lasting value. That is our promise to you.
But that’s not all we do.
we listen
Understanding our clients’ needs is our top priority.
We find solutions
to our clients’ BUILDING PERFORMANCE AND construction concerns
WE CONNECT WITH OUR CLIENTS good old-fashioned, face-to-face
superior service
where we resolve all issues in partnership, together finding the solution.
WE PUSH the envelope to ensure the
highest quality
and very best outcome for our clients, every time

DCD handles everything, from feasibility, site development, design and build, to project management, construction and certification. Our integrated way of working means we can tailor everything we do to manage project costs and timeframes for clients, and we do so transparently. The earlier we’re involved, the more value we can add to your high performance home.

Adding value, from concept to completion

Our concept-to-completion capabilities mean we can add value at every stage. The more of the process you hand over to us, the more seamlessly your project progresses, and the more time and money you save. By engaging DCD prior to the the design phase of a project, we can use our considerable skills and collective experience to empower our clients to make wise decisions from the start that will meet their needs in terms of finances, quality and performance.

We develop and manage the entire building package to complete our clients’ visions. We have developed strategic, time-proven alliances with specialist consultants, design professionals, and suppliers to consistently drive innovation. We bring together the very best people for every project we are involved in.

DCD is committed to exceptional results on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

A mission and vision built to last.

It’s our vision to be the go-to specialist for building thermally efficient homes. We strive to elevate the art and science of thermal efficiency by setting the benchmark for complete energy efficient home solutions. And we do that by going further than anyone else in design, building and developing the perfect home living solution for every client’s unique project.

In short, we push boundaries further, we deliver more, and we do it with
‍knowledge, integrity and ingenuity.