Energy efficient home or really good greenwash?

Energy Efficient Home Te Toka

It takes more than energy efficient appliances and low-flow taps to create a truly efficient home. Just because your home meets Building Code doesn’t mean it will be warm and efficient all year round. We take a look at the difference between greenwash and genuine thermal performance.

How different is a thermally efficient home?

Heating Performance Snapshot: Code Compliant Construction vs Thermally Efficient home. The first snow day of the 2015 winter season offered us a brilliant opportunity to gauge how warm our latest near-passive house really was after achieving an outstanding blower door test result the previous November. Although it was -3C and snowing hard outside, everyone inside was toasty […]

Where do I start when building a warm home?

The importance of working from the inside to the outside Bear in mind that you cannot ‘build your way out of bad design’ – so what materials do you need to consider at the design stage in order to build a strong, healthy and warm home? In the order of importance I encourage home-owners to […]

DCD Sets Passive Home Benchmark

Setting the Standards Others Strive to Match Proud to be featured in the March 2015, Business South publication – DCD Sets Passive Home Benchmark. Find out more about passive home building here.