Dalefield Home in the Meadow


Mason & Wales




Registered Master Builders
House of the Year
Gold Award 2021
Regional Category Winner 2021



Designed by Mason & Wales, this well-appointed home will provide comfort and sanctuary to the homeowners, who chose to build on an adjoining property to their adult children, whose home DCD completed the previous year.

Having first-hand knowledge of the process and benefits of integrating higher specifications to achieve a warmer, healthier home, it was easy for them to embrace the DCD ethos. The three-bedroom home with attic loft met their design criteria of providing ample room to comfortably house extended family on holiday.

The wood fire nook, which is a nod to the owner’s childhood, provides an intimate space for enjoying the warmth of the fire. The Great Room area also beckons to be used for entertaining. The solid timber skillion ceiling accentuates the airiness of the room, and is brought back to human scale with the massive hand-made Oregon trusses. Thermally-broken window joinery reduces the need for curtains while aiding in retaining optimal temperatures inside.

Schist stonework along the chimney provides a textured accent to the timber cladding, anchoring the aesthetics in the local vernacular, echoing the image of a log cabin on a far more elegant scale.

Dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service.
Our clients appreciate not only the quality of their new home but also the value of our care, craft and commitment throughout the entire process.