There's something special about natural warmth and comfort.

Craftmanship without compromise

Our beautiful high-performance homes are comfortable year-round, with low energy costs and use technology and sound building practice to achieve this.

DCD is an innovator in building new homes and renovations that are of the highest quality, and tread lightly on the environment. We consistently exceed our client’s expectations in both craftsmanship and energy efficiency.

Our team are up-front and transparent in providing you with all the information you require to make informed decisions about costs, design and materials. DCD take a proactive approach to understanding you and meeting your building needs. Everyone we partner with to build has a different value set, and your home is an expression of yours. By choosing to build with DCD we know that quality, performance and honesty are at the top of your list.

Expertly crafted. Built to last – reducing time and maintenance costs.

Craftsmanship without compromise.

Regional Supreme Award – Registered Master Builders 2021 House of the Year – Southern Region

Te Toka

Not only is this home breathtakingly beautiful, it is also an exemplar of innovative solutions in sustainability and craftsmanship, with its sheer size demanding uncommon expertise. Every feature is at scale, perfectly proportioned despite the large footprint

Dalefield Home in the Meadow

Schist stonework along the chimney provides a textured accent to the timber cladding, anchoring the aesthetics in the local vernacular, echoing the image of a log cabin on a far more elegant scale.

Dalefield Homestead

Inspired by the homesteads of old, this picturesque Queenstown home is not only architecturally respectful of its past, but behind the facade is an energy-efficient home boasting Central Otago’s highest air-tightness rating.

Quail Rise Contemporary Bach

This contemporary holiday home in Quail Rise has family at its heart. With large indoor and outdoor living spaces, four bedrooms and three bathrooms it’s designed to accommodate 16 guests.

Dalefield Entertainers Delight

Concrete, steel, timber and stone combine to create a stunning home, which takes full advantage of the views in this expansive home. A true entertainers delight.